Thoughts of
Wanting to be great, keeping me up at night
The rattling from my AC unit humming,
Reminding me of my place in the world.
I want to be significant.
Break the chains that hold my thoughts in place
This suffocating humidity in July
Sun reigning over the city streets
Sweat dripping off my body, as I ride my bike across 3rd street
Through Greenwich Village every day
To a gallery I don’t know how I ended up in.
Someone told me last night, that i was significant because I existed
That the action of every atom caused a reaction in every other atom
In our universe

You are significant because you exist
Your presence in the cosmos alters the trajectory of life
What a magnificent cacophony, that we should all sway our planets
Embolden me, good season, for I do not welcome your stay
This time
Though you’ve brought me to my knees
I feel my bones, holding on tight, dearly, to my own back
This recipe for the cradle of my creed-
Wanna jump in the pot this time but I’m still in the fray
I see them in there, doing back flips center stage
Singing songs of praise, the melodies transcending.
The rattling is droning in the shadows of my room,
bringing me back down to the present moment
Where I am restless.