Allegory of the Poets

Let me introduce the inquisition. We're entering the city, our minds are going to dance around the tender walls of this groaning town.

Wake up! Don't fall asleep you little cow you little creep
Wake up!  Wake up! You know how

He knows how the little liar who ran around the ring of fire.

Threw him in, did him in. Au revoir, my little liar! who slipped into the ring of fire.

Found my own on a blue Sunday. A Cherio to sing and traverse through time and freedom, playing behind the safe prison walls of youth.

A new game past the gravy train, I've found my new wizard, I'm joining in The celebration of the Lizard.

Let the spider go to crawl along she fears in the eye and mind alone. He runs in fear, the eight-legged coward.

Walk the game you walk no more and in the gentle night you'll bore the tall soldiers and the trolls who swim through endless nights preaching timeless scrolls.

And I'll be doing time in the Universal Mind, souls setting free lost love and anger for minds to see.

Slipping into gentle nights rinsing in the midnight rain as the clouds release the mortal human's pain.

Candied flakes fall from the sky flaming words light the night collapsing colors burst into laughter and you're calling out twice, running from the echoes of life.

Five points of the star rotating, leaving traces of dancing spirals, geometric minds doing time in universal binds.

Shadows staring down desert plains casting feathers in backward motion. As the lizard travels deeper through the dream, surrendering too, he's breaking through.

In the mirror I see the world strange and pure and I'll put you in the mirror I put in front of me so we can linger on in pale blue skies.

Mamas free and roaming under the sun, sun, sun with the rabid lions foaming the mamas stroll under the MOON and they'll find us, soon, soon, soon.

Climbing western valleys to all tomorrow's parties in the purple wind the buzzards drink the gin wash away yesterday's sins entering the silence of the kingdom blackened shrines and flickering music strum the echoes of the night. The spirit rises out of fright to join in the Dancing of the Night.

All the crazy people, where do they all come from? Wake up! Watch the wheels spin round, forget your name, play the game, and give peace a chance.

Impeach the telling of the mind we're feeling jealous all the time, play with the porcelain rabbit wake in the dream of kaleidoscopic minds, feel the patter of the hearts beat fused in Starry Night.

Follow white rabbit if you're willing to fall, play chess with the smoking caterpillar grow ten feet tall and find Alice, ask how to bend logic and dimensions, outgrow proportions.

Wake, take a breath. Mama says she’s down the way where the nights are gay dancing at the grinning bar stoned to her soul just like Jelly Roll.

Back against the fence let the rain pour down your aching skin. Oh, that sunshine water the golden flash of last night's star - yesterday isn't so far.

Lets go back to 99, lets go down 66, chase the California sunrise learn of freedom rise in the air like the howling hawks grasp the back of the one eyed dragon, join in his unending roar.

The exorcism of the evil locked to our souls fight to stop his execution. All we have broken lost the free-ride token through the frays through the shame the magic we hold inside shining through faded eyes, break the rotten fingers that hold your hand find our love again, life shines and gives more than we knew when we grew ten feet tall.

Youthful souls lost in flight, lets be creatures of the Night.